RSD Online

RSD Online

Be sure to join our student FB group here for regular updates! 

Zoom LIVE Video Classes - 

With ZOOM we are able to see students practicing at home and they can ask questions and interact with instructors. You can download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to your phone, tablet, or pc/laptop to participate, no account required!  Then simply put in the meeting id below when it is your class time.  If you want to test your camera set up, simply open a private meeting of your own to figure out where you can turn your audio and camera on and off, then test how you are showing on the camera.  For classes it's best that students are further back from the camera so that we can see their feet! 

Zoom Meeting ID (All Classes): 492-551-7280 

Password: RSD

Or use this link to join: 

Text us at (859)588-8905 with any questions! 

Pre-Recorded YT Classes & Material

Access pre-recorded material videos and more through your MyStudio App or web here: 

Kid's "Get Active Games"

Kids learn best when they are having fun!  So with the new online learning we want to include a little fun too! Subscribe to our YouTube for a fun new active game every week for kids to play along with: 

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