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Martial arts offers a great opportunity for all ages and abilities.  Our programs go beyond punches, kicks, and colorful belts.  Students find confidence, focus, courage, and more through their own martial arts journey.  Our mission at Rockcastle Shaolin Do is to share all of the wonderful benefits of martial arts with our community!


"Sitting on the side and watching the classes I get to observe everything going on from an outside view, and am amazed time and again with how seamlessly the teachers weave fun with intense learning. I see children leaving dripping with sweat, and broad, proud, happy smiles on their faces. I watch parents learning right along with their children and sense the bond they made as they grab their gear and leave together. And at home as I hear my daughter say for the thousandth time that week, "I just love that place", I think, "God Bless Rockcastle Shaolin Do". "

Martha W.

"Karate has benefited my child tremendously. He has learned discipline, how to focus, and it's so good for social skills. He enjoys it so much that we signed up all 3 of our children this summer. I highly recommend getting your children involved in classes."

Robin E.

"...Now my sons are in the adult class with me and we get to learn together, sweat together, fight together, and to grow -mentally and physically - together. I cherish this time with my sons and I think they do too. They will appreciate it even more in the future. Master Eric and Sensei Cassie operate a family friendly school where kids and adults alike build self-confidence and the experience of pushing yourself to improve your place in life and to keep moving forward."

Mark W.

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