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  • 03/28/2010 20:41

    First Class Free!

    If you are interested in classes but aren't sure if it's right for you, then come and try your first class for free! 

    Try your first class free! Click here for Coupon!


  • 03/25/2010 21:09

    New DVD Coming Soon from Grandmaster Sin The'

    Here is a preview of a new DVD coming soon from Grandmaster Sin The'!  Thanks to NorthTexas Shaolin Do on Facebook for the video.



  • 03/25/2010 21:00

    10,000 Lotus BLooming

    The Spring Seminar with Grandmaster Sin The' was great.  The form is beautiful and the training just amazing.  Thank you Grandmaster Sin The' for taking the time to share this wonderful form with us.  If you missed out, make sure to make it to the Fall Gathering and Seminar next time around! 

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